Hi all, given that there’s absolutely, definitely not already enough blogs on the internet, I thought I’d have a go at writing my own. This is definitely a great idea, I’m convinced! (I’m not convinced, but we’ll see how it goes).

The goal is to do something like an ultra-lightweight Feynman Lectures, obviously not in terms of sublime quality – can’t beat Feynman – but in having a complete and detailed description of physics and also to cover a lot of cool topics that are often neglected, like the Feynman Lecture, but unlike the Feynman Lectures I am to use almost no math. Concepts and applications front and centre.

So I’m not aiming to convert the science-is-boring-and-sucks-and-you-suck-ya-big-science-nerd crowd nor am I interested in diving into “Woo Woo” topics or generating maximum “Wow” at the expense of real understanding, but my hope is to maybe provide more advanced and detailed discussions for the physics-learner, physics-curious and amateur-enthusiast who’s interested but may not have any formal background. (Of course if you do, there might be some discussions you haven’t heard here as well).

So, with those goals in mind, please feel free to let me know all the ways I did a terrible thing and I should feel very bad. (Seriously, feedback is greatly appreciated).

-Sincerely, Atoms and Sporks.