Video: No, Changing Electric Fields DON’T Cause Magnetic Fields

5 thoughts on “Video: No, Changing Electric Fields DON’T Cause Magnetic Fields

  1. What happens in your visualization if the particle doesn’t return to zero on the y-axis? If there was still an acceleration (obviously not infinitely) but the charged particle is now finally offset from it’s start point?


  2. Hey hello ! 🙂 I’m so happy to meet someone asking the same question ! 🙂
    I mean… At least “understanding” things like me. Let me explain you quickly if I may :
    In the video at 6:00 you assume that moving all negatives charges in the wire in a direction (along the two wires) WILL produce a magnetic field ? Humm.. well perhaps, probably, BUT .. I’m the kind of physicist that NEED to verify EVERYTHING experimentally ! And plus, if it’s so obvious, it should be easy to verify ? 🙂 So I did try to load two wires very close (to permit the charge) with something like 150 volts difference and moved one to the other with a speed by far faster than what we believe in the wire at around 1 meter by second with a compass near and .. saw NOTHING AT ALL on the compass !… Never…… 😮
    My first guess is that electron ARE NOT moving as slowly as we think in the wire…
    Or .. 🙂 my experiment what not set properly 🙂
    Anyway, found that very interesting (and must know for sure about it) so if you got any information on some experiment like that please tell me ! And thank you very much for your effort explaining.
    Fabien (from Paris).


    1. (Oo I realize that you perhaps think I did the experiment because of and after i saw the video but no, I asked myself about that something like two years ago, this is also why I was excited when I saw (this morning) you in the video saying that it “will” make a magnetic field as I was that finally no… Events time stamps are important !! ha ha 😉 )


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